Cum sa-ti faci serverul public [47-48-W-L]

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Cum sa-ti faci serverul public [47-48-W-L]

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Cu acest plugin pentru metamod serverul apare la internet si favorites. El este un fel de cbooster dar mult mai bun. Inainte de a-l baga trebuie sa faceti update la steam adica la server (hldsupdatetool).

Autorul: game

Pentru inceput downloadati asta:,

Intrati unde aveti instalat serverul apoi cstrike, apoi addons (HLDS/cstrike/addons) si creati un folder numit dproto. Copiati fisierul din arhiva dproto.dll si duceti-l in folderul dproto. In caz linux copiati tot in dproto folderul.

Intrati in HLDS/cstrike/addons/metamod/ , deschideti plugins.ini si adaugati urmatoarea linie:
win32  addons\dproto\dproto.dll
In caz LINUX:
linux addons\dproto\
Intrati in folderul cstrike si copiati fisierul dproto.cfg . In caz LINUX faceti tot la fel.

In caz ca aveti la server -nomaster pus, scoteti-l. In caz LINUX cand deschideti serverul folositi urmatoarele comenzi:
./hlds_run -binary ./hlds_i686
Pentru a vedea daca merge tastati in consola de la server metalist si vedeti daca apare RUN.


dproto is a plugin for metamod that allows p.47 and 48 no-steam clients to join the hlds-based server.

For more information and updates please check

   bin directory - Binaries (libraries) for linux and windows.
   src directory - Source code. You need this only if you want to build dproto by youself.
   amxx directory - some AmxModX plugins that uses dproto functionality
   dproto.cfg - dproto configuration file.
   Readme.txt - This file.

   - clean (unpatched) engine files (swds.dll for windows; for linux)
   - metamod 1.19 or 1.19p32
   - currently supported builds are all p48 engines for windows and linux

   1. Go to <gamedir>/addons/ and make new directory named dproto
       <gamedir> - it is a game directory; cstrike for Counter-Strike, valve for Half-Life, etc
   2. Copy dproto.dll or to <gamedir>/addons/dproto/
   3. Go to metamod installation directory (usually its <gamedir>/addons/metamod/) and edit plugins.ini:
      add this line for windows
         win32 addons\dproto\dproto.dll
      or this for linux
         linux addons/dproto/
      at the beginning of the file
   4. Copy dproto.cfg to server root or gamedir.
   5. Start the server. You should use this command on linux:
      ./hlds_run -binary ./hlds_i686
     when server loads, type "meta list" in console. You'll see something like this:
      Currently loaded plugins:
            description      stat pend  file              vers      src  load  unlod
       [ 1] dproto          RUN  -    v0.4.8    ini  Start Never
       [ 2] AMX Mod X        RUN  -    amxmodx_mm_i386.  v1.8.1.3  ini  Start ANY
      2 plugins, 2 running
   6. Enjoy :)
   7. Installation of AmxModX plugins from amxx directory is not necessary.

   Use cid* options in AUTHID MANAGEMENT section of dproto.cfg
   For example, if you want to assign steamids generated by IP for p47 clients that not support unique id generation, you should set:
      cid_NoSteam47 = 3 for assigning STEAM_x:y:z steamid to these clients
      cid_NoSteam47 = 4 for assigning VALVE_x:y:z steamid to these clients
   If you want to drop these clients, just set clientid to 5:
      cid_NoSteam47 = 5
   And all p47 clients without emulators will be dropped with message that you can customize (see next section).

   This could be done using these cvars:
      dp_rejmsg_steam for legit steam (cid_Steam) clients;
      dp_rejmsg_nosteam47 for no-steam p47 (cid_NoSteam47) clients;
      dp_rejmsg_nosteam48 for no-steam p48 (cid_NoSteam48) clients;
      dp_rejmsg_hltv for HLTV (cid_HLTV) clients;
      dp_rejmsg_pending for unathorized (cid_cid_SteamPending) clients.
   Just put message to them and it will be displayed for rejected clients.

   Example, a part of server.cfg:
      dp_rejmsg_nosteam47 "Sorry, you're using old client, download a new one and come back ;)"

   You need hlsdk and metamod source code to build metamod plugins.

   Download, extract it and make directory hierarchy like this:

   (Some Dir)
         | - hlsdk 
         |    | - singleplayer
         |    | - multiplayer
         | - metamod-1.19
         |    | - metamod
         |    | - dproto

      Use Intel C/C++ Compiler (icc). It could be downloaded there:
      cd to
         (Some Dir)/metamod-1.19/dproto
      then use ./ command (don't forget to chmod +x it)

      You need Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 to compile dproto under windows.
      On Windows, a particular directory layout is not required. Instead, environment variables are used.
      The directions below apply to Windows XP, and are assumed to be similar for other versions of Windows.
         Open the Control Panel (for example, via Start -> Settings).
         Open the System control. If you don't see it, you may need to switch to "Classic view" (either via the left-hand pane or by going to Tools -> Folder Options).
         Click the Advanced tab.
         Click the Environment Variables button.
      You can add your environment variables to either your User settings or your System settings.
      Create a new variable for each item in the list below. The item names are in fixed-width font and their value descriptions follow.
         METAMOD - Path to Metamod headers (where metamod.h resides)
         HLSDK - Path to Half-Life SDK       
      For example directory layout setup:
         METAMOD=(Some Dir)\metamod-1.19\metamod
         HLSDK=(Some Dir)\hlsdk\multiplayer
      Then just open the (Some Dir)\metamod-1.19\dproto\msvc\dproto.sln Solution.

   check the amxx/dp_test.sma. This is sample plugin that writes protocol number when client connecting.
   NOTE: this is _sample_ plugin and its installation is not necessary.
    Armind for testing, bugreporting;
    bDy for testing on FreeBSD;
   Dark-Master for testing, bugreporting;
   debugger_perm for original idea and testing;
   DrilLer for testing, bugreporting;
   GoD2.0 for redirection fix idea;
   gromo for testing, bugreporting;
   ineya for Hybrid serverinfo trick;
   jamess for "deprecated" id idea;
   La_Vladimir for testing, bugreporting;
   Lev (aka Flasher) for help and testing;
   P4rD0nM3 for testing, bugreporting;
   SISA for hard testing of eST support and deprecated clientids;
   **$n@!ke** for testing, hlstats fix idea;
   Valve for good games ;)
   All people from this ( thread
   And all other people whom I forgot

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